USMLE Step 1 Online One-on-One Tutoring

There really is no educational alternative that matches the personal attention and focused learning environment that a tutor provides. In a large classroom setting, individual needs will not always be addressed, which may cause one to fall behind.

When this happens, people become afraid to ask questions so they won’t be singled out or be seen as slowing the class down. Then they fall behind even further without fully understanding the concepts being taught. Others may look to tutors as a study aid for reviewing large sections of curriculum. When it comes to the USMLE or COMLEX, a tutor can be the solution to achieving success on your medical board exams.

Our 8-week programs offer multiple tutoring sessions per week in addition to interactive lectures and practice exams. Our instructors are all M.D.s, and they have helped thousands of students get accepted to some of the most competitive residency programs in the United States. Whether you failed on your previous attempt, attended a medical school overseas, or just want to gain an edge for the best score possible, our tutors are available to help you achieve your goals.

Once you have registered for the course, you can add one-on-one tutoring from your login page.