Frequently Asked Questions About USMLE Step 1 Course

Q: How does PASS Program differ from other board review programs?
Our program offers one-on-one tutoring, an assigned tutor to watch over your progress, two practice NBME/COMSAE, and two very caring instructors.
Q: What is the pass rate for students attending the program?
Our pass rate is over 90%.
Q. How many instructors teach the course?
We have two instructors. Dr. Francis is the primary instructor, and he is assisted by Dr. Le Pava.
Q: I have failed my exam multiple times; can your program help me?
Yes, we can. We recommend that students who have had failed attempts attend our Live Online lecture program.
Q: Will your program benefit me if I am studying for the COMLEX exam?
Yes, our program involves the same principles that are tested on the COMLEX and has helped several COMLEX students in the process.
Q: How many NBME exams are given with the Live Online program?
Students will be given 2 NBME exams with the Live Online course. The first NBME is on the first day of class. The second NBME is normally taken at the end of the 4th week of the program.
Q: How many NBME exams are given with the Ondemand program?
Students will be given 2 NBME exams with the advanced and premium course and 1 NBME with the standard course.
Q: What is the difference between a 4-week program and a 8-week program?
The difference between a 4-week program and an 8-week program is the 8-week program comes with 15 tutoring sessions during the course. During the last four weeks of the 8-week program, students may take the class again as long as it doesn’t interfere with their tutoring. Plus, the 8-week program comes with the free repeat guarantee.
Q: How many tutoring sessions will I receive with the 8-week program?
An 8-week program comes with 15 tutoring sessions. You receive one tutoring session in the first week and two each week during the remaining weeks.
Q: What is the 8-week guarantee?
If you do not pass your exam after attending the program, the 8-week guarantee allows you to return to the program for 4 weeks at no additional cost. To take advantage of the 8-week guarantee, you must complete the following: you must attend all of the lectures, you must attend at least 80% of the tutoring sessions, you must take your exam within 3 months of completing the course, and you must provide proof of a final NBME score of 400+ or COMSAE score of 450+ no earlier than one month before your exam date.
Q: What is the difference between the Ondemand and the Live Online program?
The Ondemand program provides recorded videos of Dr. Francis. The Live Online lecture program allows you to attend live lectures of Dr. Francis and Dr. Le Pava teaching in real time as you interact through your own computer.
Q: Are the same topics covered in the Ondemand program as the Live Online lecture program?
Yes. The only difference is that during the Live Online lecture program, Dr. Francis or Dr. Le Pava may sometimes go into more detail on a particular topic.
Q: When can I start the Ondemand program?
The Ondemand program will give you access to the videos and notes as soon as you register and your payment is processed.