Excellence in Operations Management

Core Courses

Decision Making and Problem Solving Using Analytics – 16 Hours

In this course, participants will learn how to develop decision-making and problem-solving skills in conjunction with a quantitative model-building approach. The course will emphasize how structured modeling techniques, probability forecasts, simulations, and computer optimization models are used in making decisions in complex settings.

Transforming Business Operations Through People, Process, and Technology – 16 Hours

This course will offer insight into the heart of the root causes behind failed technology implementations before offering a proven holistic operational framework for resolution. What makes this course unique is the focus on people, process, and technology dimensions required to successfully transform business operations.

Managing for Operational Excellence – 16 Hours

The tricky thing about managing operations is dealing with uncertainty. This course takes a deep dive into how that affects the practice of planning for service, inventories, production, and projects.

Managing Costs and Motivating Quality – 16 Hours

Participants will learn to measure and manage product and project costs and to motivate profitable and strategic outcomes. Service, merchandising, and manufacturing businesses will all be considered.


Negotiations: The Theory and Practice of Getting to “Yes” – 8 Hours

The purpose of this course is to develop participants’ expertise in managing negotiations that occur in a variety of business settings. Managers not only need analytical skills to discover optimal solutions to problems but also proficient negotiation skills to get these solutions accepted and implemented.

Leveraging Innovation for Success – 8 Hours

This course explores the concept of innovating through the use of a strong network. The course explains the importance of this concept using numerous known and lesser-known stories and provides tools that can be used to identify and leverage participants’ own innovation network.

Effective Leadership Development and Execution – 4 hours

Effective leaders not only utilize their own strengths, but more importantly, they utilize the strengths of those around them. This course prepares participants to build a strong foundation where their competencies and confidence will help them create a culture of success.

Management Skills for New Supervisors – 4 hours

Transitioning from individual contributor to supervisor can be both exciting and daunting. This course helps to develop proven management skills and equip participants with tools that can be used when interacting with colleagues, bosses, and senior management.

Building Strong Working Relationships – 4 hours

Building relationships is crucial to personal and professional success. This course focuses on developing interpersonal skills, which enable participants to build strong working relationships.

Communicating with Confidence at Every Level in Your Organization – 4 hours

This course teaches participants how to brand themselves with credibility, trustworthiness, and integrity while also maintaining a strong image. Doing so allows for confident communication at all levels within an organization.