Excellence in Operations Management Certificate Program

To begin the registration process, register for the 4 core courses in the Excellence in Operations Management Certificate Program. Once core courses are complete, you will be able to select 16 additional elective hours.

Course Name Hours
Decision Making and Problem Solving Using Analytics 16
Transforming Business Operations Through People, Process, and Technology 16
Managing for Operational Excellence 16
Managing Costs and Motivating Quality 16
Negotiations: The Theory and Practice of Getting to “Yes” 8
Leveraging Innovation for Success 8
Effective Leadership Development and Execution 4
Management Skills for New Supervisors 4
Building Strong Working Relationships 4
Communicating with Confidence at Every Level in Your Organization 4

Excellence in Operations Management Certificate Program

$ 2,400

Certification Requirements

The certificate program, Excellence in Operations Management, from EduMind, in association with UC Davis Graduate School of Management, requires students to complete four required core courses and 16 hours of electives for a total of 80 hours. The 80 contact hours are equivalent to eight continuing education units (CEUs). All 80 hours must be completed in a two-year period. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion in Excellence in Operations Management from UC Davis Graduate School of Management.


The Excellence in Operations Management Certificate Program is delivered via EduMind’s Ondemand learning platform. Ondemand courses are active immediately upon course registration and payment processing and until the two-year registration deadline ends. Because of its personalized, self-paced method, enrollment is open when you are ready to begin. This interactive delivery method allows you to study at your own pace while fully engaging in the course material. The Ondemand learning platform allows you to participate from the comfort of your own home or wherever internet access is available.

Upon registration, you will receive access to your student learning portal. Once logged in, you have access to the Ondemand recordings and can watch the recordings at any time from anywhere you have an internet connection. This portal organizes all courses, materials, and activities, such as access to email the instructor and check your progress. The streaming of recordings allows you to pause, fast forward, and rewind. This technology allows you to study at your own pace.

Program Length

You have two years from the date of registration to complete the 80-hour certificate program. With EduMind’s Ondemand learning platform, you can complete the certificate program at your own pace and in less than the two years given.