What is a PMP Certification

EduMind as a global educator has helped several existing and aspiring project managers to obtain PMP. A highly regarded project management institute- EduMind, offers Project Management training as well as project management certification. Both the training and certification will help you work in any industry in exemplary fashion. PMP is the gold standard certificate for Project Managers.

Employers are always searching for project managers that have PMP certification. A project management certification implies that you understand the global demands of project management. Therefore, you have a better chance of connecting with well-established professionals and organizations across the globe. PMP certification gives you the ability to work in any field and location and thus increases your potential to earn more.

What people don’t realize is that they perform and manage projects every day just doing things that are part of their everyday life. Here are some examples of projects that you have probably done without realizing that what you are doing is considered a project. Planning a Super Bowl party or birthday party for someone fits the criteria of a project; everything that you had to plan from start to finish is part of managing a project.

If you are someone who wants to obtain PMP certification but you think you don’t possess the project management experience- do not despair! EduMind’s PMP certification and training helps you understand the benefit of PMP by presenting realistic scenarios that requires project management and efficient management skills.