PMP® ONLINE - Weekend Course

  Date: Jun 22 To Jun 30 (4days)

  Timings: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM - Eastern

  Course Features :

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • 35 PMI Contact Hours
  • Study Kit

Price :
  $1,590 / $1,290

  Schedule & More Details

  • This Live Online weekend course will be taught over 4 days. Due to popular demand, we are proud to announce that our PMP review course will be offered through a Live Online webcast, bringing it to your doorsteps. If you have a computer with internet access, you can attend the course from anywhere. You can interact with the instructor during the lecture. Our Live Online courses bring you the Onsite class experience. Thousands of students have attended our Live Online courses since 2004.

    There is no need to install software; you can find more details about the computer requirements by clicking here. All of your Live Online sessions will be recorded so that you can view the recorded sessions at a later time. Please click here to learn more details about watching the recorded sessions.

    To view the format of our Live Online classes, you can attend a free 30 minute Live Online demo. Please register immediately so that you can participate in the Live Online demo and take advantage of early registration discounts. Live Online demos are conducted at 8 pm EST each month on the second and fourth Monday evenings. All demos are the same; therefore, attending one demo will be sufficient.  Additional details about accessing the Live Online Demo will be sent to registered students a few days prior to the demo.

    Class dates and timings are shown below.

  •   Class Recordings

    In addition to attending the Live Online classes, each session is recorded, and we provide you with access to those recordings at no additional cost. Whether you miss a class or simply want to review a particular topic, you can view the class recordings through your login page.

Time: Begin / End / Zone
10:00 AM / 07:00 PM / Eastern
Facility : 1
10:00 AM / 07:00 PM / Eastern
Facility : 1
10:00 AM / 07:00 PM / Eastern
Facility : 1
10:00 AM / 07:00 PM / Eastern
Facility : 1
Facility No

      Course Features

    Fast - The course is an intensive 2-Week program designed to ensure that you are ready to pass the PMP exam the day after the completion of the course, developed by our own in-house subject matter experts. Our combination of interactive lecture and hands on workshop sessions will quickly get you in tune with what you need to know to pass the exam.

    Reliable - There are many providers out there and narrowing it down to the right training provider for you isn’t always an easy task. You need to go with the company with the best track record for becoming PMP certified. We have a pass rate that is over 98%, yet we continuously evaluate our material, making sure that we are providing our students with the most up to date material which in turn gives our students the best chance of passing the exam.

    35 PMI contact hours - One of the eligibility requirements to sit for the PMP exam is an individual is required to have 35 Contact Hours. One way that individuals acquire the required 35 hours is by attending a review course and after the completion of the course they are given a certificate for 35 Contact Hours. Our review course is designed so that individuals can earn the 35 Contact Hours prior to the start of the boot camp thus they are able to fill and complete their PMI application and schedule their exam date prior to the start of the boot camp. This key course feature allows individuals to complete the logistics ahead of time so that they can take the exam immediately after the completion of the boot camp greatly increasing their chances of passing the exam on their first attempt.

    Study Kit

    • Mind Mapping ITTOS flashcards
    • PMP Study Kit Mobile App
    • Binder with Course Notes and Workshop problems
    • Online Exam Simulator