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  About Course

Do you want to become PMP certified, and do you want to do it as quickly as possible?

If you answered yes to both questions, then EduMind is the perfect fit for you.

Start your class on Monday, and become PMP certified by Friday; we make it very simple for you. Attend our 4-Day PMP Exam Prep Boot Camp, follow our program, and we guarantee that you will pass the exam, or you will get 100% of your money back.

  Course Features

Fast - Intensive 4-day program designed to ensure that you are ready to pass the PMP exam on the 5th day. Our combination of interactive lectures and hands-on workshop sessions will quickly prepare you with what you need to know to pass the exam.

Reliable - We continuously evaluate our material, making sure that we are providing our students with the most up-to-date material, which in turn gives our students the best chance of passing the exam.

Knowledge Versus Memorization - Simply memorizing information isn’t going to help you pass the PMP exam; you need to learn the information and recall your knowledge during the exam. The techniques that we use improve both short and long-term retention of key concepts, theories, and formulas.

Confidence - The PMP exam is a very difficult exam, but from the moment that you start working with EduMind, your confidence in being able to successfully tackle the exam will increase. The combination of interactive lectures and hands-on workshop sessions is designed to enable you to relax and focus as well as to improve your instant recall of key PM concepts, theories, and formulas. Knowledge and stress are two obstacles that you must overcome to pass the PMP exam. After completing our rigorous 4-day boot camp, you will possess the knowledge that is needed to pass the exam. You will also be at ease and far less stressed about taking the exam than you were prior to attending the course.

Onsite PMP Courses Are Offered In The Following Locations:

AtlantaChicagoColumbusBaltimoreD.C. SuburbsWashington, D.C.OrlandoNew York CityNewark - Los Angeles - Tampa