Ondemand PMP Exam Prep Course

In addition to Onsite and Live Online PMP® Exam Prep courses, EduMind is now offering On-Demand PMP® Training! This class is specifically designed for busy professionals who cannot attend classes at a scheduled time.

Many professionals are simply too busy with their hectic work schedules to attend either an Onsite or Online review course. EduMind, has the perfect solution…. We are happy to offer PMP® OnDemand, where you can study and prepare for the PMP® exam at your own pace and at times that are convenient for you.

Our PMP® OnDemand course utilizes the same material as our highly effective Onsite and Live Online PMP® review course. The OnDemand program consists of the class recordings from our highly successful Live Online classes. For people who want to obtain their PMP® Certification but can’t attend a scheduled Onsite or Live Online course, the OnDemand course is the perfect solution.

"Busy Professionals, No More Worries! All New Ondemand PMP® Training. Just For You!!"
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Why EduMind?

  • EduMind is preferred by many professionals for its’ systematic PMP® Exam prep course structure that covers the 10 Knowledge Areas and the 47 processes in a progressive way.
  • Unlike many other institutes, EduMind doesn't make you wait until the end of the PMP Course for you to receive the required 35 contact hours. You can download your 35 hour certificate before the course is completed by completing activities within your e-learning portal.
  • EduMind offers the application tools to help you complete the Project Management Institute (PMI®) Application Form.
  • Do not stress over documenting 4,500 hours of Project Management experience. EduMind will provide you with application tools and examples of getting it done, as part of Ondemand PMP® Exam Prep Course.
  • Instructors of EduMind have 30+ years of experience and they can help you pass the PMP® Certification by feeding you with an abundance of Project Management techniques.

Enroll in our Ondemand PMP® Training to enjoy the PMP® Certification Training from anywhere, anytime!

Benefits of Ondemand PMP® Exam Prep Course

On-demand PMP® Certification Training is intended for professionals who are so passionate about the PMP® Certification but cannot afford to spare much time as they have tightly packed schedules. Our course helps those professionals get the PMP® Certification at ease!

  • As efficient as onsite and online PMP® Training
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Providing 24x7 support
  • Saving time for busy professionals

Join our Ondemand PMP® Certification Training Course and experience the world-class PMP® Training on the go!

EduMind standings out as one of the best PMP® Training Institutes for exploring different things. We always like to be unique and that’s how we managed to enroll so many professionals into our PMP® Training courses. We have also come up with 4 Day PMP® Exam Prep Course to help professionals to complete the PMP® Certification Exam in just 45 days.

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