CAPM Exam Prep Course Training

      About Course

    Are you a working Professional who is looking to start a career path in Project Management? If the answer is yes, then EduMind has the perfect course for you to begin your journey with. Our onsite CAPM® Exam Prep Course is the perfect starting point for any working Professional who is about to start their career path in Project Management. This entry-level Project Management course covers the relevant topics, basic concepts and terminology of Project Management. Our CAPM course is perfect for those who are wanting to get their feet wet in Project Management as this course provides insights on how to develop the skillset for being an effective Manager. Our onsite CAPM® Exam Prep Course is for working professionals wishing to embark on a Project Management Career path. This entry-level project management course covers relevant topics like basic terminology, fundamentals knowhow and different project processes. This course provide insights to develop the right skillset for being an effective manager.

    Our Instructors are seasoned veterans who know how to effectively teach and prepare you to successfully tackle the CAPM exam. Each class session has the perfect mix of lecture and hands on problem solving workshops. Pass the CAPM exam by taking our CAPM Exam Prep Course and get your career moving along the right path.

      Course Features

    Added to the list of different course delivery modes that helps professionals with different needs, our Self-Study PMP® Training course benefits you in several ways and a few of them are listed below:

    • 4 days of Intense preparation for CAPM® Exam
    • Free 23 Contact hours that required for CAPM® Certification eligibility
    • In-depth understanding of Fundamental of Project Management
    • Provide you with the Skillset in Initiating a Project
    • Learn about the various Project Documentation preparation
    • Acquire insight in estimating Project costs and budgeting
    • Clear understanding of how a project is executed, monitored, and completed
    • Learn about the way to maintain Quality Standards of the Project deliverables
    • Risk Free Enrollment with flexible cancellation policy
    • Live Interactive workshop sessions
    • Study about Performance assurance
    • Understanding Team dynamics to lead and manage them well
    • Performing Human Resource activities
    • Understanding Risk Management and planning ahead for it