CAPM® Boot Camp Online Training Courses

      About Course

    The CAPM certification demonstrates your understanding of the fundamentals of project management. The CAPM certification is perfect for individuals who are just beginning their journey into the arena of project management.

    The purpose of our program is to prepare you to successfully pass the CAPM exam and obtain your CAPM certification. Our Live Online CAPM course is modeled after our highly successful PMP exam prep review course. We take the Onsite class experience and enhance it by providing students with a highly interactive Live Online class experience.

      Course Features

    Our CAPM exam prep course will help prepare you to successfully pass the CAPM exam on your first attempt. This course includes both interactive lectures and hands-on workshop sessions, which are both geared toward helping you learn and remember key information that you will need to know and understand to successfully tackle the CAPM exam. The course will cover the following topics:

    • Project Integration
    • Project Scope
    • Time, Cost, and Quality Management
    • Human Resources Management
    • Communication Management
    • Risk and Procurement Management
    • Test-Taking Tips and Strategies
    • Exam Simulator

    Our goal is for each student to:

    • Pass the CAPM exam
    • Develop a game plan to help maximize study time
    • Be able to use the knowledge, tools, and techniques that you learned while preparing for the CAPM exam to enhance your skills and abilities to continue to learn and manage projects

    Note: You can also watch our video recordings on handheld devices like iPhone, iPad by downloading Photon app, available on both iOS and Android.