Online and Onsite Corporate Project Management Certification Training

    EduMind offers online and onsite corporate project management certification training packages.

    Why should your company provide online or onsite project management certification training?

    Throughout the last few years, more and more companies have added continued education for their employees as part of their employee benefits. Although the cost of paying for employees’ education may seem daunting, there are numerous benefits for allowing employees to further their professional skills and knowledge.

    A great, and somewhat obvious, reason to provide educational opportunities as part of a company’s benefit package is to increase knowledge and technical skills. For instance, any company would greatly benefit from making sure project managers are certified. Having certified project management professionals would expand the company’s overall resources, as being certified would require a project manager that knows how to sufficiently understand schedule management, quality management, and cost management.

    Did you know: 72% of companies in the United States offer professional development opportunities to their employees, according to a study performed by the Society for Human Resource Management.

    About Our Online and Onsite Corporate Project Management Certification Training

    We have helped many corporate companies prepare their employees that want to obtain their project management certifications with our online and onsite training. When you purchase a project management training package from EduMind, you can choose which learning format(s) you would like to offer to your employees:

    • Onsite Classes : can conduct courses at your benefit, or we can provide the venue.
    • Live Online Classe : Our Live Online classes are instructor-led classes that can be accessed from anywhere at times that are convenient for your organization.
    • Bootcamp : This condensed, onsite format is great for companies who want to get training done as soon as possible. We will help your employees gain the most understanding of project management in the least amount of study time.

    Interested in Learning More?

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