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"Increase the probability and impact of positive events, and decrease the probability and impact of negative events" ― PMBOK® Chapter 11
“It makes a big difference in your life when you stay positive.” ― Ellen DeGeneres, in her book "Seriously... I'm Kidding"
Most of us in this fast-paced world, try to get most of things done under the shortest duration. So there are certain tasks that can’t be multi-tasked and definitely requires our complete attention. The Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification is also one such complete attention grabbing assignment.

For some aspirants, learning comes naturally and for others it's a chore that is strenuous to carry out. But remember whatever your learning energy schema may be, PMP Certification is a accomplishment that you must aim for and acquire it.

When looking at the study process and getting to know the theory of what you have understood through experience may seem difficult but not unachievable. It all depends on how you view the difficulty that you are facing in the course of your PMP® study.

There is a nice Jim-Jam story that we at School of PM have come up for you. The story begins somewhat like this:-

There was once a young woman whose mother was unwell and asked her to help with running her bakery for that day. The daughter had very little knowledge of running the bakery and had the most stressful working day. When she returned home that evening completely dejected and dishearten, the young woman wondered how her mother ran the most successful bakery in the town.

Her mother had been running the bakery since her husband had passed away. She now understood what her mother was going through on every single day to run it so well.

When she reached home her mother was waiting for her eagerly. Every mother is happy to encourage and cheer their off-springs and no doubt the young woman’s mother also felt so. But when her mother saw the stress lines farrowing her brow. She asked the young woman gently how her day had been.

Young woman replied that she couldn’t take the stress and strain of running a bakery. She felt that she lacked the talent that her mother possessed in making the business a success. Understanding her child’s gloominess the mother suggested that they both go into the kitchen for some refresher lessons on running a successful bakery.

The Mother asked her daughter to get three saucepans, a carrot, an egg and some tea leaves. She asked her daughter to pour water into the three saucepans and bring it to a boil. Then she asked her daughter to put the carrot in one, the egg in another and add tea leaves to the last one.

They left the three saucepans on the stove to simmer. After sometime the mother asked her daughter what was that she saw. The daughter replied that the carrot, the egg and the tea leaves have been cooked. But her mother was not happy with her reply. ‘Why, am I not right?’ questioned the daughter.

The mother replied, “Yes and no.”

She then explained her theory in greater detail. She said that the carrot was already hard and when it faced a situational challenge it became softer, meaning cooked. Whereas the egg was fragile from the beginning but a situational challenge made it hard inside. But the tea leave stood no chance since it was neither hard nor fragile; it was simply non-consequential to the water which immediately mingled with it.

The mother asked her daughter to smell the tea and asked her what she found in it. The daughter replied that she could smell the flavor of the tea and the water had changed color. The mother was happy to see that her daughter understood the hidden question that she place before her.

The mother explained that the tea during a situational challenge lost its form but changed the challenging factor. The carrot and the egg did not change the water color but the tea leaves turned the water’s color thus influencing a change over the challenge.

So let us not do away with the moral of the story as merely childish but simply put in plain English it means much to a Project Manager. Though the PMP® Exam may be a challenge that would be so difficult and it may eventually change you at the end.

You may start out very strong and become soften by the hardship of strains of studying for the Exam and walk away. Or you might come with fear of the Exam and when faced with new challenges may get distracted from your study.

Come to our PMP® class with open-mindedness. We are not saying that there is no challenge to face but we ask you to dissolve yourself in the tough track of diligent hard work and turn the stress of a PMP® Exam into a worthy accomplishment for you. Make it a point to be like the tea and change that challenge into a positive spin for your PMP® Certification goal.

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Wednesday, 09 April 2014

"Take Project Management Training with School of PM and Pass PMP® Exam the Day after the Review Course"
"Reserve your PMP® Exam date even before completing the PMP® Prep Classes"
As a Project Manager, take the first step in your career development by obtaining the Project Management Professional Certification (PMP®). Getting the PMP Certification means that you have proved your excellence in the field of Project Management with global standards. To get the PMP® Certificate, you have to pass the PMP® Exam conducted by Project Management Institute (PMI®).

PMP Certification requires an intense PMP Training, as the PMP® Exam is conducted based on real-time situations. Thus, PMP® Review Courses will help you to prepare for the PMP Exam in a systematic approach. PMI has authorised some of the best training institutes in PMP Training as their Registered Education Providers or in short (R.E.P). Further, taking the PMP Training from the R.E.P will help the PMP Aspirants to learn the key concepts that are required to pass the PMP Exam.

School of PM is one of the best Registered Education Providers, which has instructors with 30+years of experience. School of PM and its associated training institutes have been training professionals of various backgrounds for nearly a decade with more than 650,000 hours of successful student participation.

School of PM offers courses for the PMP® Aspirants to attend the PMP Exam the day after the review course. It will help the professionals to get the momentum going towards the PMP Exam and boost up their confidence.

Note: The historical data reveals that the PMP Aspirants who take the PMP Exam within one week after taking PMP Review Course have 90% pass rate compared to the aspirants who wait more than a week to take the Exam.

How it helps the PMP Aspirants?

       1. Attending the Exam, the day after the review course will boost up your confidence in taking the Exam
       2. It helps to get rid of your Exam Fear and stress
       3. It won't allow momentum towards the exam to dip down
       4. It increases your chances of passing

School of PM's PMP Exam Prep Course will allow the PMP Aspirants, to get their 35 Contact hours even before the start of PMP® Exam Prep Classes. Thus, you can reserve your exam dates during the PMP Training classes.

Process Overview

Attend online "Introductory on Project Management Course". Get Print of Your Certificate for 35 hours of Project Management Education (required for PMI Application). Reserve your Exam Dates during the PMP Review Course. Take the PMP Exam the day after the Review Course. Breeze through the Exam with confidence and pass the PMP Exam

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