PMP Authorized Training Partner

The Authorized Training Partner Program that EduMind created was done so with the intention to support sprouting organizations and to help create a path for organizations to blossom and grow into something big. If you are a budding organization or institute which has the drive to succeed and reach greater heights in the training field, EduMind provides you the platform that is needed to help grow your success and reach your goals.

To become part of our Authorized Training Partner Program, EduMind will first look at the following: where are you conducting classes, what kind of instructors do you employ and what kind of technology do you use in conducting the classes.

After having looked at the above mentioned and determining that you are the right fit for our Authorized Training Partner Program, your trainers will undergo a comprehensive training. During this training your trainers will begin to understand the methodologies and procedures that are utilized with great success at EduMind. After completion of the training, your instructors that have been approved by EduMind will be able to begin training for Project Management Certification aspirants in your own facility.

Approved instructors will be using the Course Materials that have been created by EduMind and have been proven to help individuals succeed and pass the Project Management Certification exam.

You will be trained in all the aspects to make sure you keep up the brand name of EduMind and live up to the expectations of the professionals that believe in EduMind.

Opportunity is knocking at your door. Open the door and begin your journey to success

Interested organizations that want to learn more about this program and its benefits please feel free to contact EduMind.