MCAT – Onsite

At EduMind, a global educator, we believe our 12 – Week MCAT prep course incorporating revolutionary teaching methods in studying for the MCAT will enable each of our students to succeed in MCAT.

We realize how important the MCAT is to obtain admission in a leading law school. Bearing that in mind we provide a standard measure of integrated reading comprehension and verbal reasoning skills that will serve as one of the factors that medical schools can assess applicants on.

How EduMind will help you

  • Recordings of your class sessions can be immediately be accessed by you allowing you the freedom to refer the lecture as many times as you want
  • You can watch over extra hours of on demand videos covering topics such as “Test mentality”, “Time Management” and “Pacing”
  • You get to Interact with instructors with reputation of holding 99 percentiles on an official MCAT
  • You can work through the power score full length score books comprising of several pages of content and thousands of real MCAT questions
  • Additionally, you also benefit with the MCAT practice tests
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