Free Question Bank

The MCAT review courses come with a free question bank with the following features:

  • Over 2000 high quality, multiple-choice questions
  • Detailed explanations for each question that are easy to read and interpret
  • AAMC simulated interface software features
  • Customization of practice tests
  • The ability to suspend and resume a test at any time at your convenience with 24 hours account access
  • The option to compare performance scores with other EduMind users

Choosing the right material for your MCAT preparation is the key to achieving high scores. We have subject experts who design the MCAT question bank with focused, high yield, up to date content and explanations that meet the current objectives of the real exam. In addition, we continuously update our question bank to ensure that our questions match the changing standards of the MCAT. This allows you to study harder, smarter, and more efficiently.