About EduMind MCAT

EduMind is the fastest growing educational institute in the United States. Edumind is an established learning and teaching Center. We accommodate a wide range of graduate admission exams. Edumind provides prep courses that cover MCAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, OAT, DAT and Continuing Education. EduMind focuses on providing a learning experience that is world class and second to none.

EduMind will prepare students for their exams and improve their knowledge with well-designed study material covering a multitude of courses. Edumind has provided over 950,000 hours of successful student participation. The elite reputation of EduMind combined with the increasing appeal for our courses demands that we continue to update our programs and provide only the highest qualified instructors.

EduMind utilizes a state-of-the-art Information Management System (IMS) that affords our students with a stable and enriched learning environment. We provide the best learning experience by incorporating courses designed by our subject experts. EduMind offers its services to maximize the academic and professional potential of our students. With cost effective training and high student success rates, EduMind is proud to be amongst the top institutions that employs revolutionary teaching methods to achieve the desired results.