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Monday, 19 May 2014

"In the US, 39% of Project Management Professionals are women, which is way better when compared to other countries."
"Women make better Project Managers because of their good interpersonal communication skills."
"Women have also entered into the growing field of Project Management. Turning every hurdle as a stepping stone, women are succeeding and growing in this field with Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification, a well-known Project Management Certificate."

During the 19th and 20th century, women were not seen in most professional fields. They were not even given proper education and their entries into many fields were restricted. Women were often put into low grade positions in many companies.

Now, in this modern world of the 21st century, with too many efforts, women are slowly making their way into every profession. Of course, there still exist a lot of people who do not treat women with dignity. And, the so called Glass Ceiling still exists in some companies. Bypassing all such struggles, women entered into the field of Project Management as well.

There is a popular saying, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. This statement goes true as the values they hold and the way they handle problems and situations vary from each other. Though men and women are different, women are no lesser than men.

There is a misconception that men are better project managers than women. But research says that women are great in multitasking, better listeners, mentors, problem solvers and they have a pretty good IQ. All these traits turn them up into a good project manager naturally. Another innate quality of women that is a sign of a good Project Manager is they are "nurturing". They encourage their team members and stand beside them during not-so-good situations.

The most popular Magazine Fast Company released an article stating that the most successful companies have at least one woman as a board of director and the least successful companies do not. So it all takes one single woman to make a difference - Source

It has become a mythical fact that companies prefer men to women when it comes to Project Management. Since the number of Project Managers goes down day-by-day, companies cannot afford to lose any valuable talent. With the rate of women Project Managers being increased alongside their notable successes, the field of Project Management is going to grow bigger and bigger in the near future - Source

Most of the successful women Project Managers happen to be PMP® certificate holders. In fact, those successful women advise other women volunteers who are interested in becoming Project Managers to get involved with PMI® Source

School of PM is one of the best schools in offering review courses on PMP®. Join us, pursue PMP®, show up as a dynamic Project Manager and enter the clan of successful women Project Managers!

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