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Friday, 27 November 2015

Before you consider appearing for a PMP Certification exam, ask yourself what you intend to gain from it. Getting a certification is not a difficult task, but it does call for timely preparation and dedication to pass with flying colors. A PMP Certification will add value to your resume if you are a professional who has experience in handling projects for small or midsize firms. It will prepare you to manage projects of large stature that require extensive planning and management skills. 

Step-by-step procedure to obtain PMP certifications

In order to secure a PMP certification you will have to:

1. Register on the PMP site 

2. Provide information about your prior experience

3. Confirm your eligibility according to guidelines

4. Pay the stipulated registration fee 

5. Study and prepare for the exams

6. Appear for the exam 

Your learning process does not end with passing the certification exam. It will continue with your practical experience of managing projects, imparting learning to others and consistently improving your skills as a project manager.  

Registration process
To be eligible for the PMP exam, one must have completed at least 3 years of project management experience. If you have missed out on maintaining records of your project management achievements and routine, it’s alright. A rough estimate outlining the period and the major tasks accomplished will suffice for determining your eligibility. 

Familiarize yourself with the question pattern
The PMP certification exam is based on 200 multiple choice questions. Each question will have four options with one correct answer and three incorrect answers. Students can know their results immediately upon completion of the 200 questions. 

The question pattern will encompass topics related to Initiating the project, planning the project, executing the project, monitoring and controlling the project and closing the project. The individual topic wise spread will vary from exam to exam on a periodical basis. 

Test your progress with past question content 
Students trying to obtain PMP certification must put in enough working hours in attempting previous question papers. Free downloads of previous years question content is available online on various portals. Aspirants can set up time bound mock tests on their own and evaluate their progress to face the final exam. 

Enroll and gain professional tutoring from PMI chapters
There are thousands of PMI chapters located in major cities across the world from where you can seek professional help for appearing for the exam. The training is provided by experienced lecturers who are certified PMP professionals. The coaching ensures that you pick up the nuances of the certification course. This will help clear the exam easily and assist in professional practice after you’ve completed the certification. 

Strategies for effective studying
PMP exams require a lot more physical and mental endurance. You must study for the exam like you are running a real-time project with a near approaching deadline. Hence, ensure that you have all the required resources within quick reach to make the best use of available time. It is ideal to start preparing early. Ensure you revise occasionally the completed portions. 

Split the entire portion in small parts so that it inspires optimism to achieve it. Choose the right kind of study material to supplement your learning process. There are plenty of guides and quick learning materials available in electronic and paperback. These will help you gain an upper hand on the relevant topics.  

To sum up
A proven way to clear PMP preparation exam is to prepare yourself physically and mentally for those four hours of intensive exam. 

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