Why You'll Love Our Question Bank and Flash Cards if You Are A Nurse About to Take Your NCLEX-RN Exam

  • 26 November, 2021

Preparing for your NCLEX-RN can be daunting. It's impossible to know exactly what will be on the exam, even if you have reviewed the National Council of State Boards of Nursing's (NCSBN) published test plans. Have you heard the phrase practice makes perfect? One of the best actions you can take to prepare for this exam is by practicing.

EduMind has created an innovative learning technology called Question Bank to provide our students the opportunity to experience different kinds of questions that could be on the exam. These questions incorporate content centered around the following Client Needs as specified by the NCSBN in their test plan:

  1. Safe and Effective Care Environment
    1. Management Of Care
    2. Safety And Infection Control
  2. Health Promotion and Maintenance
  3. Psychosocial Integrity
  4. Physiological Integrity
    1. Basic Care and Comfort
    2. Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies
    3. Reduction of Risk Potential
    4. Physiological Adaptation
Why You'll Love Our Practice Portal Pro and Flash Cards if You Are A Nurse About to Take Your NCLEX-RN Exam

In addition, the NCLEX-RN exam integrates the concepts of nursing, caring, communication and documentation, teaching/learning, and culture and spirituality.1

According to Ameritech College of Healthcare, some of the questions on the exam could be centered around:

  1. Prioritization: knowing which patient to treat first
  2. Illness and disease: knowing the right solution to the problem
  3. Diagnosis: knowing what maladies certain symptoms indicate
  4. Treatment plans and patient communication: knowing how to instruct patients on care following major medical events
  5. Safety and care environment: knowing proper protocols and best practices to optimize safety
  6. People skills: knowing how to manage potentially disputatious interpersonal situations
  7. Procedures and physiological adaptation: knowing what to do when
  8. Interpreting information: knowing how to synthesize information and draw conclusions
  9. Identifying tools and terminology: knowing what certain tools are and what they are used for
  10. Patient advice: knowing how to advise patients on their health and wellbeing2

Here are three examples of sample questions from our Question bank:

1. What are the symptoms of sun poisoning?

  1. Fever
  2. Nausea
  3. Blistering of the skin
  4. Fatigue

2. Using the rule of nine, calculate a client's total body surface area for a burn. The patient's front right arm, chest and abdomen, and genital area are burned.

  1. 18%
  2. 27%
  3. 36%
  4. 28%

3. The nurse is working on room assignments for four clients. Which client needs a private room?

  1. A client post-op for a hip replacement
  2. An 80-year-old dementia client
  3. A client with clostridium difficile colitis
  4. A client with diverticulitis

Our Question bank will expose you to many different types of questions. This blog touches on the top three reasons our question bank is beneficial for exam prep, but a summary is that this resource allows you to test your content retention, practice content retrieval, and revisit topics you've already covered.

Another helpful resource we developed for students are our flash cards, which provide yet another opportunity for practice. Our flash cards will help you learn important nursing concepts and definitions, and they can be accessed anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection!

These two resources are just two innovative options we have available for NCLEX-RN students. If you are looking for a more comprehensive approach to acing your NCLEX-RN exam, please check out our NCLEX® exam review courses here!


1 "2019 NCLEX-RN® Examination Test Plan for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses." National Council of State Boards of Nursing. Accessed November 23, 2021. https://ncsbn.org/2019_RN_TestPlan-English.pdf.

2 "What to Expect on the NCLEX." Ameritech College of Healthcare, July 9, 2020. https://www.ameritech.edu/blog/10-common-types-of-nclex-questions/.
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