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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills notoriously known as CARS has been treated as a dreadful subject by many medical aspirants. However, you should not let the notoriety of the subject bog you down and loose a chance to raise your score while taking MCAT CARS. 

Ground rule to follow when it comes to tackling the MCAT CARS is to recognize the problems first. You need to ask yourself these questions?

1. Am I running out of time?
2. Am I not reading enough?
3. Am I reading through the material quickly?
4. Do I spend time to understand the question?

Once you’ve recognized these problem areas, all you need to do is to understand and implement the techniques that will definitely help you improve your MCAT scores. 

Most of the time to succeed on MCAT CARS, MCAT Exam Review Courses and MCAT Prep course require you to tone down wee bit and make these adjustments in your usual preparation method in order to get better results.

Train your mind to read fast

Experts have proven that you tend to read faster if you are reading a subject of your interest. In this case your attention and concentration level is higher. However, when you read newspaper or any book that does not interest you, you lose focus. How does this help you improve your MCAT CARS? The answer is by reading a subject of non-interest for at least 30 to 40 minutes every day. This way you are tuning your mind to get used to a new subject. After a short while you would have trained your mind to pay attention to a subject that initially did not interest you. Soon you will find yourself reading faster, more efficiently and understanding the complexities of MCAT CARS well.

Invest time in reading the passages / questions

The primal fear every student possesses while appearing for MCAT CARS is running out of time. Most often consumed in fear, you tend to read through the question quickly that you end up missing out on crucial information. In the affinity to save some time you actually end up missing out on the aspects that could cost you to lose points while taking the MCAT CARS.

You can get yourself an MCAT CARS prep book or CARS practice bundles comprising of passages that can help you with practice passages. Once you practice reading and you find a passage confusing, stop and go back to read it again. Try and inculcate this habit of reading and rereading to clear any element of doubt or confusion. 

By adopting these techniques, when the time comes to appear for the MCAT CARS exam, you can be rest assured to be well equipped to attend the exams and score well.

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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Figuring out an effective way to prep for the MCAT exam may seem like a challenge to med-school aspirants. While different students have different MCAT study methods, there are a few common mistakes that every aspirant makes. Be it lack of practice or less prep time, a few common mistakes have led to countless students stumbling on their quest to MCAT success.

After extensive research and insight from years of experience, we bring you the 5 most common MCAT prep mistakes, every test-taker makes: 

Not enrolling into a MCAT prep course

Yes! We’ve ranked it on number one and quite rightly so. The MCAT is the gateway for students to enter the medical profession. It’s the one of the few times students are faced with the ultimate test that decides the entire course of their future. Stepping into the test blindly and expecting to ace the exam is a no-go. If you’d like to do it right, then why not do it right the first time? Trying to save a few bucks by skipping an MCAT prep course has proved to be the biggest mistake past test-takers have made.

“CARS doesn’t need preparation” – Think again!

The Verbal reasoning section, now known as CARS, requires a critical analysis of passages and questions based on them. Most aspirants believe that this section doesn’t require any practice, as the answers are contained within the passages itself. However, the reality is quite different. The passages are complex and with the timer ticking away you will need quite some time to read and grasp its context with efficiency. Reading constantly and training your mind to think analytically is crucial to ace this section. Hence, if you think you don’t have to prep for CARS, think again. For all we know, this section has been a huge roadblock for the most brilliant of minds.

Prep time VS Extra- curricula’s

Medical school admissions require a student to exhibit a combination of high academic scores, extra-curricular achievements, community service and good MCAT scores. In a bid to add on to their achievements, several aspirants spend too much time on extra-curricular activities. During the pre-med years, it is imperative for aspirants to not compensate on their MCAT prep. A good MCAT score will far outweigh your extra-curricular achievements. Strike a balance between effective MCAT and extra-curricula’s, by scaling down on your involvement in too many groups.

Too much study, too little practice

You’ve engrossed yourself in the study materials. You’ve managed to grasp all the pointers provided in your MCAT Exam Review Course. Undoubtedly, you’ve managed to put in the hours in order to take the MCAT to get a high score. When it comes to MCAT prep, many aspirants fail to abide by the old adage – “Practice makes a man perfect”. Though you may be pressed for time during you pre-med years, it is crucial to chart out a schedule for studying and practice exams. EduMind’s popular MCAT prep courses comprises of practice tests designed by subject experts. Improved confidence, time-management skills, and test-scores are a direct result of availing the practice sessions.

Don’t memorize, but understand

MCAT changes everything you thought you knew about taking exams. The test is based on the understanding, application and critical analysis of the fundamentals. Revise your study strategy by not committing too much time to memorizing in-depth concepts. MCAT does NOT test how well you commit facts to memory and regurgitate on exam day. Hence, focus on gaining knowledge of the key concepts. Avoid spending too much time studying the details and losing out on the big picture. Avail EduMind’s MCAT exam review course to get a comprehensive overview of the key concepts to ace the MCAT.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can steer past the hurdles on your journey to MCAT success.

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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

PMI’s infamous PMP certification is every project manager’s dream come true. The credential holds immense value in the eyes of potential employers and opens up promising opportunities. If you wish to acquire the PMP certification, making your way past the PMP Exam Prep Course is the toughest challenge. First time test takers may be apprehensive about what to expect in the exam. Even professionals with years of experience in the project management field do not fully understand what it takes to pass the PMP exam. This has given rise to a number of misgivings about the PMP test. 

We bring you the top 5 myths surrounding the exam and bust them, so you can bid adieu to your PMP exam woes forever.

Myth 1: You need to score over 61% to pass the exam

No, this is not true. While this was true at one point in time, nowadays, passing the PMP exam is no longer about the percentage of questions with correct answers. The PMP test format follows a psychometric analysis. This means that the questions which are tough contribute to a larger part of the total score than the easy questions. Answering a few hard questions correctly will get you a higher score percentage than answering several easy questions correctly. Therefore, the number of questions you answer does NOT determine whether you’ve passed or failed the exam.

Myth 2: Only PMI Registered Education Providers must provide PMP exam prep courses

This statement is not valid since there is no specific authorized course to prep for the PMP exam. Anyone from a REP to PMI component organizations to distance learning consultants can provide PMP exam prep courses. However, in order to ensure that the quality of training obtained is standardized, it is highly recommended that PMP training is availed from a REP. EduMind is a PMI REP and availing its courses gives you the highest assurance of quality and standardization.

Myth 3: The audit process uses applicant profiling

Absolutely not! This is one of the most widely circulated myths about the PMP exam. While it is widely stated that the auditing is based on applicant profiling, the claims are absolutely false. The audit process is completely random. If you think that your application will not be called for an audit, then think again. When completing the PMP application process, bear in mind the chances of you being called for an audit. It is better to be safe, than sorry and prepare well in advance.

Myth 4: Memorizing Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs ( ITTO’s) 

There are around 500 ITTO’s described in the PMBOK guide and memorizing all of them is a huge waste of energy and time. Instead, focus your efforts into understanding the concepts behind them. Questions that are commonly asked during the PMP exam revolve around how or why a specific ITTO is used and does not require memorization.

Myth 5:  35 PDU’s are required to take the PMP exam

No. What you actually need are 35 contact hours in order to be eligible for the PMP exam. The PDU’s i.e. Professional Developmental Units are required after you’ve obtained your PMP certification. PMI requires that one must earn at least 60 PDU’s every three years to maintain the PMP credential. However, first time test-takers need not worry about PDU’s. If you do not have 35 contact hours, then acquire them first before making an application. Participate in any of EduMind’s PMP exam prep courses and you will gain the much-needed 35 PMI approved contact hours.

There are countless myths surrounding the PMP exam in addition to the ones we’ve listed above. Do not let it get in the way of your PMP exam prep. When in doubt contact PMI customer care service or talk to your PMP exam prep course instructor to debunk any unsettling myths you come across.

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Friday, 22 January 2016

Project Management courses caters to the professional needs of aspiring learners seeking to work as project managers in either the public or private sector. Edu Mind’s Project Management training courses have been designed to provide aspiring learners with the critical skills for managing large and small scale projects. Our project management training focuses on developing overall management skills which include but are not limited to managing the cost and operation of projects within an organization. Once you acquire these skills and know how to implement them in real work conditions, then you’ve already taken the first step towards a successful career.

In order to obtain project management training, you have to invest time. It is definitely not easy to obtain the Project Manager Certification. Therefore, EduMind offers CE courses that will help you obtain your certification. We have invested time and knowledge in the development of these courses that offer comprehensive information to acquire project manager certification.

Developed by skilled authors, our project management training courses are easy to understand and consist of current and relevant information related to your work. The Continuing Education and Custom Project Management course comes with:

1. The self-study model that reduces the need to seek external help

2. E-learning access that enables access of study material at any time

3. The topics are current and up to date with industry standards

Project Management is important and demands the right skills for the success of a project. Project Management Certification as a continuing education course can be customized to meet your ever changing needs. By the end of the course you will have acquired a strong foundation of knowledge and interpersonal skills to be an effective project manager. 

For working professionals, the online project management classes serve as a boon. You can enroll for the course at your convenient time. The e-learning access grants you the freedom to use the study material whenever your time permits. 

EduMind’s Project Management Professional Certification is the gold standard of PMP courses. A PMP certification from a reputed global educator – EduMind will definitely enhance your resume, elevate your career and increase your chances of earning more.

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