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Looking for ARE® 5.0 exam prep? School of PE provides an ARE® 5.0 exam prep course to prepare applicants prepare for the NCARB exam.

Since 2004, EduMind has been passionate about helping people take their careers to the next level. We have served more than 11,000 companies by preparing employees to pass their professional certification exams—including the Architect Registration Examination (ARE®).

EduMind offers comprehensive exam review courses for all six divisions of the ARE 5.0. We also offer multiple class formats to fit your learning style, including our instructor-led Live Online classes and our at-your-fingertips Ondemand learning platform.

Our ARE 5.0 review courses are taught by industry experts who have extensive, hands-on knowledge of each division of the exam to help you prepare, practice, and pass with confidence. We're so confident that you'll pass the exam, we offer a free repeat if you don't!

Topics Covered in Each Division:

Our Review Courses for Each Division Feature Refresher and Workshop Sessions:

  • Refresher Sessions - These prepare students by reviewing topics that are critical for the ARE® 5.0. This section will allow students to experience some theory and high-probability problems. Approximately 60% of the total class time is spent on refresher sessions.
  • Workshop Sessions - These allow our students to practice and solve several problems that are standalone and require numerical solutions. Approximately 40% of the total class time is spent on workshop sessions. The workshops consist exclusively of solving problems, which is critical for the ARE® 5.0.

Course Formats

Our ARE® 5.0 Instructors

Dr. GallegosArch D

  • - BA, Architecture, University of Notre Dame
  • - Master, Architecture in Urban Design, University of Colorado
  • - PhD, Architecture, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • - Designated a visiting scholar
  • - Director of Design Planning Assistance Center, University of New Mexico

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Ms. Maggie KirkAssociate AIA

  • - Architecture Faculty Member, California Polytechnic State University
  • - Award-winning designer, educated in New York City and Florence, Italy
  • - Certified Passive House Consultant
  • - Regional Representative, California/Pacific Region for PHIUS

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Ms. Anna KoosmannNCARB

  • - BS, Architecture and Art History Minor, University of Wisconsin, Cum Laude
  • - Masters, Architecture, University of Washington
  • - Scholar, Fulbright (EDRA CORE Award, 2018)
  • - Cofounded a grassroots design-build coalition
  • - Established the first Filipino-led, design-build university program in the Philippines

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Mr. Keelan KaiserLicensed Architect

  • - BS, Architectural Studies, University of Nebraska
  • - Masters, Architecture, University of Nebraska
  • - Architecture Program Director, California Baptist University
  • - Researcher/Consultant, Serena Strum Architects

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About the ARE® 5.0

The ARE® 5.0 consists of six separate divisions that are designed to follow the progression of the typical architecture project. However, the examinee can take each of these divisions in any order they choose. Once a passing score is received in a division, this starts what is referred to as a "rolling clock." From this point forward, the examinee has five years to pass the other five divisions of the exam. In the event the examinee does not pass the other divisions in the allotted five years, the passing score will expire, and the examinee will be required to retake the division.

To find out if you're eligible to take the ARE 5.0, please contact your state's licensing board.

Class Notes/Textbooks

School of PE will provide each student with several pages of handouts prepared by our instructors as a guide for the review course. This material is available immediately for those taking the Ondemand review course and one week prior to the first class for those taking the Live Online review course.

Each student should have the following publication to use as a reference during the lectures:

ARE® 5.0 Handbook By NCARB

You can download this handbook from the NCARB website by clicking here.