Project Management (PjM) Review Course - Pending NCARB Certification - Over 98% Exam Pass Rates

The Project Management ARE® 5.0 exam division reviews the processes and procedures for managing architecture projects. This includes understanding the role of contracts and how they fit into project management regarding organization and managing personnel and consultants. This division also examines strategies for improving the delivery of services through quality control, scheduling, and project teams.

PjM content areas include:

  • Resource Management - The Resource Management content area reviews how resources are managed in an architectural practice and how they affect project management in assessing the allocation of resources.
  • Project Work Planning - The Project Work Planning content area looks to the importance of developing and maintaining project work plans and project schedules. This area also explores communication strategies between the project team and internal staff and the owner and contractor.
  • Contracts - The Contracts content area evaluates the agreements between the architect and the owner and the architect’s responsibilities to the contractor. This area assesses the adherence to contractual roles and responsibilities and ascertains an understanding of key elements of these agreements.
  • Project Execution - The Project Execution content area evaluates the process of executing a project through budgets, project delivery methods, changes in scope, and conformance to regulations and approval processes per authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs).
  • Project Quality Control - The Project Quality Control content area examines procedures for compliance with laws and regulations and using quality control to reduce risk and liability through various procedures, including documentation review. This area also explores the management of the design process in adhering to the objectives of design.