Programming and Analysis (PA) Review Course - Pending NCARB Certification - Over 98% Exam Pass Rates

The Programming and Analysis ARE® 5.0 exam division reviews opportunities, constraints, and requirements for projects. This division examines the multitude of aspects in developing a project, including establishing the criteria (qualitative and quantitative) affecting projects and subsequent analysis of project type, site, and associated context and economics.

PA content areas include:

  • Environmental & Contextual Conditions - The Environmental & Contextual Conditions content area evaluates the environmental and socio-economic opportunities and constraints of specific sites for evaluating sustainable strategies and onsite resources.
  • Codes & Regulations - The Codes & Regulations content area recognizes the role of local and site-specific requirements for building design such as building and site types, zoning, and land use.
  • Site Analysis & Programming - The Site Analysis & Programming content area reviews the role of the site in design through reports and documentation, qualitative and quantitative aspects of program, and graphical representation in analysis and programming.
  • Building Analysis & Programming - The Building Analysis & Programming content area evaluates attributes of new or existing buildings — as qualitative or quantitative and through graphical representations — regarding program, documentation, reports, building components, spatial and functional associations, recommendations due to schedule and budgets (preliminary), and other assessments to prioritize components and identify alternative building systems.