Practice Management (PcM) Review Course - Pending NCARB Certification - Over 98% Exam Pass Rates

The Practice Management ARE® 5.0 exam division focuses on the business of architecture and the intricacies of managing an architectural practice. Topics common to this exam division include employee allocation per project, asset allocation and business development, various contracts and fee structures, ethics, responsibilities, and regulations.

PcM content areas include:

  • Business Operations - The Business Operations content area reviews regulations that affect business practices, the allocation of personnel and resources, the management of personnel and resources, the ethical standards of architectural practice, and the provision of the standard of care.
  • Finances, Risk, and Development of Practice - The Finances, Risk, and Development of Practice content area reviews the financial implications of an architectural practice in management and personnel allocation and how they contribute to the health and success of a professional practice.
  • Practice-Wide Delivery of Services - The Practice-Wide Delivery of Services content area reviews the practice of delivering a service, management of such services in regard to clients, the application of specific contracts and procedures per those services, and determination of the risks associated with such services.
  • Practice Methodologies - The Practice Methodologies content area reviews the structure and organization of the professional practice and examines the practices of the organization in project service delivery methodologies such as documentation and coordination.