Construction and Evaluation (CE) Review Course - Pending NCARB Certification - Over 98% Exam Pass Rates

The Construction and Evaluation ARE® 5.0 exam division reviews the process of construction administration including contract administration, execution, and services such as submittal reviews, construction observation and payment requests, project close-out, and post-occupancy activities.

CE content areas include:

  • Preconstruction Activities - The Preconstruction Activities content area examines the architect’s role per project delivery method in preconstruction, procedures in choosing contractors, and assessing project costs and impacts on contacts and design.
  • Construction Observation - The Construction Observation content area examines the architect’s role during construction in conformance with contracts, regulations and codes, and requisites for sustainable design and assessing progress in construction.
  • Administrative Procedures & Protocols - The Administrative Procedures & Protocols content area determines and evaluates information that supplements the original contract documents, ascertains the role of submittals, and reviews the procedures for nonconforming work and approval of the contractor’s applications for payment.
  • Project Closeout & Evaluation - The Project Closeout & Evaluation content area determines procedures with close-out activities as well as the evaluation of building performance with assessment.