Course Material

This course will feature Unity’s courseware as supplemental material. The courseware contains interactive project-based activity files as well as video instruction, which the course will expand on.

This supplemental material includes approximately 19 hours of instructional videos and is divided into the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Welcome to Unity!
  • Chapter 2: Exploring the Unity User Interface
  • Chapter 3: Using Game Objects and Assets
  • Chapter 4: Managing Projects and Assets
  • Chapter 5: Preparing Assets for Implementation
  • Chapter 6: Assembling the Game Level
  • Chapter 7: Lighting in Games
  • Chapter 8: Baking Lighting in Game Production
  • Chapter 9: Animating Game Objects in the Unity Editor
  • Chapter 10: Bringing Animations into the Game
  • Chapter 11: Scripting in Game Development
  • Chapter 12: Implementing Navigation and Pathfinding
  • Chapter 13: Building the Player and Allies
  • Chapter 14: Building the Enemies
  • Chapter 15: Creating Particle Systems
  • Chapter 16: Adding Audio to Game Levels
  • Chapter 17: Building the Camera and Player Selection System
  • Chapter 18: Designing User Interfaces for Games
  • Chapter 19: Building and Deploying the Game
  • Chapter 20: Preparing for Mobile Development

The Unity courseware also includes all Zombie Toys game files needed to complete the exercises provided in the material.