LSAT Online Training Classes

At EduMind, a global educator, we believe our 42 hour LSAT prep course incorporating revolutionary teaching methods will enable each of our students to succeed in the LSAT. EduMind’s Live Online Training offers an excellent learning experience. Our Live Online Training is regarded as the most convenient learning option for students seeking to get into Law School. Our Virtual classroom allows you to interact with our instructors and other students at a time convenient to you.

We realize how important the LSAT is to obtain a seat in your first choice law school. Bearing that in mind, we provide a standard measure of integrated reading and verbal reasoning skills that will serve as one of the factors the law schools can assess applicants on.

LSAT Test Format

At EduMind the training classes will expose you to the test format equipping you to handle the actual test in a better manner. The LSAT test uses three types of questions to measure your skills in – Critical reading, Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Thinking. Knowing the test format beforehand gives you the leverage over the actual exam which comprises of

  • Five 35 minute sections of multiple choice questions
  • Four of the five sections are scored
    • Two logical reasoning sections assess your ability analyze and evaluate
    • The analytical reasoning section to assess your skills in basic logic including deductive reasoning
    • The Reading Comprehension to assess your abilities to identify main ideas and details.
  • A 35-minute unscored writing sample is directed at the end of the test
    • The writing test is to assess your ability to argue one position over the other
    • The copies of the writing sample are sent to law schools to aid you in the admission process

How EduMind will help you

  • You will attend to 14 comprehensive lessons in real time with 42 hours of live classroom instruction from the convenience of your laptop or mobile device
  • Recordings of your class sessions can be immediately be accessed by you allowing you the freedom to refer the lesson as many times as you want
  • You can watch over 45 hours of extra on demand videos covering topics such as “Test mentality”, “Time Management” and “Pacing”
  • You get to Interact with subject expert instructors
  • You can work through the power score full length score books comprising of several pages of content and thousands of real LSAT questions
  • Additionally, you also benefit with the LSAT practice tests

EduMind’s Wide-Ranging Practice resources:

  • Students will benefit from the full prep test library of exams and self- Supervising tools
  • You will receive explanation on every LSAT question ever released from LSAC
  • Several drills, questions and practice tests will be made available from two complete workbooks
  • You can seek for a dedicated instructor depending on the package you choose to take.
  • You will receive online customization tools such as
    • Smart report generation
    • A tool to identify your strength and weakness to chalk out a study plan accordingly
    • Online question bank with thousands of real LSAT questions
    • Over hundred hours of live, online, and interactive instructions