LSAT - Access to Instructors

EduMinds LSAT exam prep course engages you in an instructor led interactive training session. Incorporating revolutionary teaching methods, these instructor led sessions grant you full access to LSAT instructors which allows you to seek answers or get help any time you wish. Our instructors are the best in the industry and granting you access to our instructors is our way of helping you achieve high LSAT score.

Though our onsite training session comes with features such as complete access to LSAT instructor, you also benefit from:

  • The extensive training and mentoring experience from the instructors
  • You can individually seek answers and help from the instructors
  • Questions can be sent by students through their login page to the instructor

EduMind Weekend LSAT instructor Led Courses

EduMinds weekend instructor led courses are offered at our easily accessible onsite facility. The weekend prep courses are absolutely interactive and intensive. Ideal for students seeking productive LSAT prep, the weekend instructor led LSAT is beneficial for a busy schedule.

The Weekend LSAT instructor Led Course features:

  • 42 hours of live non test instruction
  • Instructions are carried out on 7 weekend days
  • Instructors with above a 90 percentile score on the real LSAT Access to all actual LSAT questions by LSAC