GRE - Higher Score Commitment

At EduMind, a leading global educator, we believe our 5 week GRE Study program will help our students score higher marks and achieve success. The revolutionary teaching methods incorporated in our GRE Prep Classes will enable students to attain personal success.

EduMind equips our students with unique course options along with extensive study aids. Students will receive practice material and the assurance of "no questions asked" guarantee if you are not satisfied with our GRE prep course.

EduMind higher score Commitment *

If you are not satisfied with the score you have received after completing our course, you may repeat the course at no additional charge and we will pay for your second GRE exam.

Higher Score Commitment requirement:

  • First time EduMind student and enrolled in a program which has been paid in full
  • Complete the EduMind program and take the official exam within three weeks after the completion of the course.
  • To get a free repeat, you must submit your score to us within 2 months after taking the exam
  • If you repeat a course under this higher score commitment Guarantee, you will not be provided with a new set of program materials unless there has been a material version change to the program materials since your original program

*The Higher Score Commitment guarantee is not available for private tutoring programs or on demand programs.