GRE - Access to Instructors

EduMinds collaborative and wide-ranging self-study course is more than 600 pages of printed material that is inclusive of GRE examples and problems. It is the most convenient and the most individualized online prep course that allows you to access the course from anywhere. EduMind’s online GRE prep course gives you the access to GRE instructors with loads of benefits and course features such as:

  • You get answers in real time by the GRE course instructors online/onsite. You can ask questions and get an answer within 24 hours.
  • Besides being interactive, the course allows you to take notes online/onsite from your instructor. You can watch the reports as well as seek solutions from the instructors online.
  • You can access the course and instructor from anywhere in the world and all that is required is a good internet connection
  • You will get individual attention and you can interact / discuss with the instructor on the areas you find more difficulty in.

We strongly believe that in addition to attending a comprehensive GRE review course, getting your individual questions answered is also the key to success. Having your questions answered by a subject expert in the GRE offers more clarity on doubts that might be hampering your learning process otherwise.

EduMind believes and implements revolutionary teaching methods. Thus, we grant students access to instructors for GRE prep courses.