Thursday, 23 February 2017

In 2014, the Association of American Medical Colleges conducted a survey and revealed that an average medical school graduate faces a debt of about $183,000. While this number came as a shock for most people in the industry, this is indeed the reality of medical education.

It is true that physicians earn high incomes when they graduate successfully out of medical school but that does not make repaying loans easy. Increasing costs and decreasing physician reimbursements have made the financial facet of the medical profession an important factor to be considered before taking the plunge. 

Medical school expenses start right from enrolling into an onsite MCAT training course or review course and goes on to until they graduate successfully.

Onsite MCAT Training Course

Ways to handle the burden of student loan

Make loan repayment a priority: Upon graduation, medical school students are often tempted to upgrade their car or move into a better home. However, the first item on the priority list must be to repay off the loan as this helps to save the interest amount. Make a repayment plan and avoid the high interest payments strategically. 

Consider refinancing your loan: If you have private student loans that cost you more than 9% interest rate, then refinancing is a good option. By dropping the interest loan from 9% to 6% or 5% with another provider, students can gain significant financial benefits. To be able to avail a refinancing loan, students must have a good credit score and must be prepared to pay off the interest at the right time. 

Opt for federal loan forgiveness programs and scholarships: The Association of American Medical Colleges has published a list of loan forgiveness programs that is specific to each state. Have a look through the list to check your eligibility for the program and the conditions to be satisfied in order to leverage its benefits. These programs can be availed by a medical school newbie, resident students as well as by students who are looking out for a job after graduation. 

Offer your services to the Military: Offer your services to the military and have them pay your tuition fees and also provide you with a stipend during your resident years. Students who draw agreement with the military for a specific number of years are also offered grants. Generally, the number of service years varies between 3 and 5 and during this period students will be expected to treat the people serving the country. 

Experts recommend students to enter the onsite MCAT training course phase with a financial plan in place. This helps smooth sailing through the medical school years and later on too.

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Monday, 20 February 2017

MCAT Cars Scores

Critical Analysis and reasoning skills notoriously known as CARS has been treated as a dreadful subject by many medical aspirants. The primary rule to follow when it comes to tackling the MCAT CARS is to recognize the problems first.

You need to ask yourself these questions 
1.Am I running out of time? 
2.Am I not reading enough? 
3.Am I reading through the material quickly? 
4.Do I spend time to understand the question? 

Once you’ve recognized these problem areas, all you need to do is to understand and implement the techniques that will definitely help you improve your MCAT scores.

Train your mind to read fast Read a subject of non-interest for 30 minutes every day. Soon you will read faster and understand the complexities of MCAT CARS. 

Invest time in reading the passages Get a prep book or CARS practice bundles comprising of practice passages. Find a confusing passage, stop and go back to read it again. 

Adopting these techniques will help you score well when the time comes to appear for the MCAT CARS exam.

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Monday, 13 February 2017


As the saying goes “a sound body keeps a sound mind”, the best way to approach MCAT prep is with the combined effort of a sound mind and a sound body.

Early to bed, early to rise 
Lack of sleep makes it difficult to focus and results in spending additional hours preparing the same topics over and over again.

Follow a healthy diet 
Research indicates that food has a direct impact on the functioning of the brain. Vitamin supplements such as B complex, - A, and E play a vital role in enhancing the concentration and memory of the students.

Avoid excessive pressure 
MCAT is a challenging exam but it can be overcome by streamlined preparations. 60 minutes a day must be allotted to focus on topics, as this kind of memory reinforcement improves performance.

Do not postpone 
A common yet often overlooked problem of exam prep is the tendency to postpone. Learning difficult concepts, details, or any exam-related activities must be completed in time.

Form a study group 
A dedicated group of 4-6 members from different academic backgrounds create the opportunity to leverage on each others' skill.

Learn to trust yourself
Finally, self-confidence is the key to success in any examination.

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