GMAT - Higher Score Commitment

We believe our 12 week GMAT program that utilizes our revolutionary teaching methods will allow each of our students to obtain higher scores when taking the GMAT. If a student feels they have not performed to their full potential in taking the GMAT they can enroll in the exam prep program without tuition fee. This is a free repeat study course that ensures the student receives 12 more weeks of instruction and along with more practice tests to effectively assure the student succeeds in the GMAT

Higher Score Commitment requirement:

  • First time EduMind student and enrolled in a program which has been paid in full
  • Complete the EduMind program and take the official exam within three weeks after the completion the course.
  • To get a free repeat, you must submit your score to us within 2 months after taking the exam
  • After completion of the free repeat of the course, you must take the official exam within the next three weeks after completion of the course.
  • If you repeat a course under this higher score commitment guarantee, you will not be provided with a new set of program material unless there has been a material version change to the program material since your original program

EduMind higher score Commitment *

If you are not satisfied with the score you have received after completing our course, you may repeat the course at no additional charge and we will pay for your second GMAT exam.

*The Higher Score Commitment guarantee is not available for private tutoring programs or the on demand programs.